Domain Name Lab is quintessentially America, an enduring contender when it comes to innovation. We are an ever-expanding jewel box of affordable signature domain names, with the major focus on start-ups and small-to-medium businesses looking to establish an online presence. Catering to professional domainers is secondary to our mission. Instead, we favor names that pay homage to what is so transformative about the Internet as a force driving the economy forward.

It's become increasingly obvious that the world belongs to entrepreneurs who speak the languages of social media and Web science, those who have concluded that domain names are the lingua franca of the World Wide Web. Which is why we give due focus to domain names that empower advertisers who create social media campaigns, branded environments and apps.

Celebrating start-ups and their founders is central to our mission. Helping Americans rise from the economy's lower echelon is important. Given the positive power of the Internet, and the pivotal place of domain names in that arena, our objectives include the offering of Web addresses that can get even the smallest of enterprises in-the-loop. (Most of the Web monikers coming out of Domain Name Lab are considered midscale, placing them above economy prices but considerably below upscale and luxury.)

Here at Domain Name Lab we are ever mindful that the most successful countries across the globe are those most open to the World Wide Web through-put. It remains the most effective path to expand the digital footprint of your established (or fledgling) brand! However, success entails more than a viable business model and a giant avatar looming over Times Square. The price of admission to the movers and shakers club is a Web address to match. That's where we can likely be of assistance.

Look around you. So many of the existing domain sales organizations are about as interesting, and as personal, as a box of paper clips! In an era of often soulless cookie-cutter name creation and marketing, we humbly seek to be a cut above, offering an acceptable shot of flair in an otherwise dressed-down industry culture. Though art and commerce are not particularly happy bedfellows, Domain Name Lab will continue to try being a shining exception to that rule. 


If a few or more of the bullets listed below apply to you, there's every chance you're a good fit for Domain Name Lab:

  • You've decided that a relevant domain name will help your company to leverage the market. That it's not only about brands or devices or platforms anymore.
  • You have come to appreciate the fact that the World Wide Web affords companies the ability to reset on offense. That domain names are the spark plugs igniting the engines of a Smarter Planet.
  • You've concluded that square-footage is not necessarily where future growth is coming from. A traditional retailer, you're struggling to establish a unique online identity, and you want to keep more than a toe in the water.
  • You realize that the success of any start-up is based on having the right ingredients across strategy, sales, marketing and financial operations. It's becoming clearer that in today's world a rising star needs a shiny name to hitch its wagon to.
  • You have come to realize that, much like carefully selected stocks and bonds, a domain name should be regarded as an investment. 
  • You are looking for a Web address that draws considerably more yowsers than yawns. You recognize that the most effective name creations are usually brief, pithy, easily digestible nuggets clients can appreciate and easily remember.
  • You seek preferred global access without large financial commitments or capital risk. You don't want to enter the online world lashed to a six-figure loan. You want: Trendy? Yes. Spendy? No.
  • You feel it's good to have at least some part of company life where you feel like a hammer, not a nail. You know the best domain names tend to orient us, like stars in the sky, like landmarks on the digital trail. 
  • Like everyone else, you are in quest of the Internet's Holy Grail, a drop-dead domain name to go with your company logo. Even if your firm has two to three years of runway, a relevant Internet address is key.