Every day we experience the third-eye opening pleasures and frustrations of a practice known as domain name creation. The Alphabet renders the necessary ingredients, while Domain Name Lab provides the relevant recipes. Face it. We all want an Internet address that captures lightning in a bottle, that hits a nerve. Ultimately, it is our role to strive to produce that uncommon mix of panache and cachet which has real potential to translate into the kind of marketing muscle that spells, global traction.

It's kind of a magical thing for a mere handful of letters, artfully arranged, to affect one's business as profoundly as real people and things do. The process of getting the Alphabet to reveal its secrets is known around here as Alphanamerics, producing such names as AcademiaNut.com, Yuletopia.com, Danglicious.com and Connectivize.com, to name a few. We continue to operate under the assumption that every on-the-ground organization needs a blue-sky online presence. And we agree with those who tend to view each domain name as just another tributary into the big communal river of digital communication - the Internet.

An important function of Domain Name Lab is to be here for you when it comes time for you to reboot your cyberpower. We are keenly aware that a quality domain name can take an enterprise from zip, to zippity-doo-dah, in rather short order. Underlying everything we do is the new reality that in today's Wired World, "the business of America is online business.

It is our profound privilege to stay the course in the hunt for the kind of domain name that induces employers to sleep a little better at night. And, employees to sleep a little less on the job. One of the things that drives us forward is the knowledge that a solid Web location can truly help a business cultivate a presence and purpose in the middle of it all.

Those engaged in the creation of domain names often produce results that are an encouraging demonstration of how the informed mind, armed with only 26 letters, can potentially nudge the planet forward a smidgeon. However, the 'just right name' won't jump from the page and hug you. Figure out what you want the name to do. A name that is almost right is still wrong. Or, as any flight attendant will tell you, close doesn't count. Either the suitcase fits or it doesn't.