How can I contact Domain Name Lab?

If your question is not addressed in either the About You section, or the About Us section, please contact us at:

How can I be assured that there will be a domain name transfer registered in my name prior to any transfer of funds to Domain Name Lab? is the institution that oversees and monitors all our sales transactions. They are a government licensed and audited third party that safely holds a Buyer's payment in a trust account until the entire transaction is completed.

What is the underlying rationale behind the five Showcases?

The cost structure underlying Showcases 1 through 4 reflects a significant range in domain name values, with Showcase 4 having the most varied and affordable listing of offerings and the "Spendy But Trendy" showcase offering top-tier domain names.  There are over 500 carefully crafted/selected signature domain names on display, often coupled with supportive start-up ideas.

Why the inclusion of both "estimated" and "appraised" domain name valuations?

Until more recently, we have relied on outside appraisals to determine approximate dollar value figures, as presented in each of the five Showcases. Increasingly, we will be applying in-house valuation estimates based on such subjective factors as brandability, current market conditions, comparable sales, and available domain names. (Disclosure: As with most scarce commodities, monetary value is largely in the eye of the beholder. All valuation processes are an attempt to detect a market consensus, and establish a more objective measure of dollar worth. At the end of the day, what we have are relevant ball-park figures, useful guides when it comes to the purchase/sale of a domain name.)

Explain the function of the Custom Order option

We welcome the opportunity to create a Custom Order domain name for the individual, or company, who did not find their dream name among the ones displayed in the Showcases. If your preference is a more personalized, individualized Internet address, then this option may be just right for you. There's no greater challenge than starting from scratch, and going the distance from zip to zippity doo dah. Give us a try. We'll give it our best.